Oil in Water, Hydrocarbon, THM and Ammonia Monitors

MS1200 Oil in Water / Fuel in Water Monitor

Continuous Water Intake Protection

The MS1200 is a VOC / Hydrocarbon Concentration Monitor designed for water supply protection, process control and waste water outflow monitoring.

MS2000 Total Trihalomethane Analyzer

Monitoring Total THM in Drinking Water Systems

The MS2000-SYS is a Total Trihalomethane (THM) Monitor System designed for potable water applications. It provides on-line, real time monitoring and alarm generation without the need for additional chemical reagents and frequent maintenance.

MS3500 Ammonia Monitor Wastewater

Monitoring ammonia in wastewater

The MS3500 is an Ammonia Monitor designed to measure Ammonia in treated and untreated Waste Water. It provides on-line, real time monitoring for process control, environmental protection and the protection of plant in water treatment facilities.

MS2000 THM Monitor

The MS2000 is Monitoring Total THM in Drinking Water Systems

Ammonia Monitor

The MS3500 is used for Wastewater Treatment Plants

HELLAS ENVIRONMENT is the exclusive representative and distributor of Multisensors in Greece. Multisensors are Environmental, Water and Air Monitoring instruments based in the United Kingdom. Multisensors are designed and built to the highest quality standards and are used to:

  • Protect Water Treatment facilities and Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Provide pollution control to Boreholes, Rivers and other water courses
  • Gather process control data to reduce energy and chemical usage
  • Analyze the quality of Drinking Water in the Distribution Network
  • Measure emissions from commercial, industrial, land fill and agricultural sites

Multisensors instruments provide a very high level of sensitivity and also the facility for on-line reporting, which optimizes your response time to pollution events or accidental spillages. The low maintenance and calibration requirements minimize the ongoing cost of ownership.

Multisensors technology is based around the use of industry leading sensor products, innovative signal processing techniques and the understanding and implementation of our customer’s needs.

The success depends on customer service, whether that is in quality of our systems, the advice and assistance we provide to our customers in product choice and application, or the onsite training provided to ensure the full benefit of the instruments are realized.

For more technical information, please contact HELLAS ENVIRONMENT via telephone at +302107209612 or via e-mail at contact@hellas-environment.com.